The Endowment EDIKTUM starts an article serie about how to settle endowment in Hungary, what are the main rules of its function, and what kind of reduction of tax it can have.
The right to the free reunion is a basic right of freedom in Hungary what can be used undisturbed. The right to the free reunion means that anyone can construct associacions, societies or he can participate in it.
Individual, Ltd., shareholder group and corporation also can settle a endowment for public aim with deed of foundation.

It is possible to settle an endowment for:
• Environment protection
• Animal protection
• Sport
• Culture, art, photo, film, music, dance
• Collection of donations
• Enterprise
• Homeless
• Works of mercy
• Religion
• Minorities
• A profession (to promote (one type of profession)
• Education ( documentary, promotion)
• Research (natural and social science)
• Medical purpose (aid for ills, handicaps, prevention)
• Social purpose (protection of families, diseased, olds)
• Progress of towns
• Protection of rights (citizen rights, consumer protection)
• Public protection (social rehabilitation of the criminals)
• International exchange (cultural exchanges)

The endowment must be registered. For gain its intentions, it can carry on economic activity, too. The endowment and its supporters can have many reduction of tax. If about the settlement of the endowment you have more questions, you can write to us to, and you are welcome to our office in Mázsa tér 2-6. Porta Irodaház VII. (more details in Contacts)

(to be continued…)