In which case can you turn to the Office of Government Issued Documents?

If you have the following intentions:

– Renovation and completion of the identity card*
– Driving permit, registration book, vehicle registration card
– Renovation and completion of the address card**
– Birth certificate (completion, change, replacement)***
– Declaration of the change of address
– Handicap parking certification
– Electronical administration (ügyfélkapu)

*= the foreigners can renovate or complete identity card with warrant. The warrant must be applied in the Immigration Office.
**= If the foreigner has new address, he can report it with rental contract, declaration of the address, title deed. If he renovates his identity card but his address didn’t change, he doesn’t need new address card.
***= Only in case of marriage or birth in Hungary. Foreigners can complete passport only in his country or in the consulate of his country. For any administration, the passport is recommended to take, what contains the immigration/settlement/resident permission.