Started to run Ediktum means a great challenge. From 2015 we wish to make people closer to Hungarian language and minds. We plan to set up Hungarian courses for expats here as we can make people learn Hungarian a bit faster. How?

We have the best experience: learned from Chinese people. As the two almost most different languages of the world, we need to take more form of logic in consideration. And we did. We know now, what a student needs if he comes to study, has a husband/wife among us, Hungarians, what a mom needs when home trying to be a great housewife, and also what a business man.

We have different ideas for different groups. And its hardly only based on grammar. Of course. Grammar needed. But not at the beginning. At beginning communication is more important. On the way one also can learn. Open mouth and talk. The most first step on being close friends/partners/members with us.

Come on! Let’s have some fun!