All about Ediktum Endowment for Helping People from the Third Countries in Hungary. As our name refers, our ngo was established in a spirit of successful social inclusion.

At the beginning, after 2004, our profile mainly covered legal aid, life assistance and guidance. Hundreds of Chinese people reached this service thanks to an EU grant for supporting inclusion in 2009.



2014, the former management retired and passed direction to educational line.

After 2013, there were 20,000 Chinese people arrived to Hungary through a Hungarian Residency Government Bond Programme. Neither our society, nor our education system was not prepared for any big changes like that. Teacher didn’t even know, how to make chikdren learning together with Hungarian pupils. 2015, the first migration-wave to Europe from the Turkey borders brought us the second shock: multiculturalism got a new meaning in Hungary.

People from abroad in Hungary

Third-country populations appear to be rather closed in Hungary. The language, cultural differences and different goal systems are difficult to break this barrier. While Hungarian people make money from the settlements of third countries here, think that money is athe only motivating force to invite them, the people of third countries would like to assimilate. At the beginning. Later when realize that Hungarian is a language that is much difficult for them to understand, they give up assimilation and turn back in their brought mentality, which is not good. One can say definitely bad. Living together in the same country, need a common language, more than pantomime. It hides the threat of hatred, threat of hostility. Cheating and lying is more easier, when You have no one around can understand You.

Credo. All about Ediktum

We, here would like to help our society avoiding this phenomenon. We admitted the necessity of building bridges between people and culture by teaching useful knowledge and acceptance.

Mission with inlanders and outlanders

During this work, we realized, not only people from foreign countries, but also our nations’ children need a helping hand of framing learned contents, transfer the the information and data taught in school into usable, reproducible knowledge.

We have a triple mission:
1. Building bridges between people from abroad and people in Hungary by teaching Hungarian, tutoring school subjects, music and fine arts.
2. Building bridges between Hungarian children and schools by tutoring school subjects, music and fine arts.
3. Settling up a society where multiculturalism is essential.

You need us, we need You. Philosophies of life, optimism, ability in finding solutions for any problems, caring old people, educating youth. We only can do it together.


If You feel You would support our goals , please donate us some money. We would like to set up an international library, need shelves, books and multimedia tools. Thank You. Even 1$ will make us grateful for a lifetime.