EDIKTUM Foundation


Our Endowment was established in 2004 to help people came from other countries to live in Hungary. The endowment wished to answer their questions of their problems had occured during organizing their daily life here.

When somebody from abroad arrives to us and decides to live here, he still doesn’t know a lots of cases how to manage, where one can find advises, how to go through an official proceed legally, where one can find legal remedy. If one gives life to a baby here, there are also the official proceeds around the baby. If one starts working, one needs to fulfil the conditions of the legal requirements of the job. EDIKTUM Endowment gave a helping hand in these questions.

From 2015 through language coaching, workshops and travels we relate cultures and philosophies together. Our purpose is to help children and parents from different cultures to learn together and to pass on the values they brought with themselves.

We need financial support to be able to give education for more children. If You agree and You think You could afford helping our foundation with a financial aid, please kindly transfer a small amount to our bank account.

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