Hungarian Courses for people from abroad

Hungarian, Hungarian, Hungarian.

Everywhere. One can manage many things in English too, but we all know it’s not enough for a full life in a society. In Hungary. 🙂 Un/fortunately we speak Hungarian. Mainly. Even though there are endeavors to teach all the population of the country for at least one foreign language, somehow the project hasn’t still succeed.

And fortunately we are here for Yor service.


Why we?

With our experience and empathy You can get useful knowledge in an appropriate time that You can use on the streets.



Grammar: needed but not at the beginning. And not that hard.

Come on, You are still a foreigner here, we can accept if You don’t follow grammar. On the other hand, we will be very grateful, if You try to use Hungarian words to express Yourself. In our Hungarian for people from abroad groups You only can improve Yourself.



We have different packages and speeds for different groups. If student, we offer faster and lexical, if housemom, a slower and expressive course. Check first what Your needs and tell us.

Drop a mail or phone, we will send You info via email. Join us now!