Dear Expat!

Welcome here, in Hungary!

Hopefully You like here and wish to get know us and making friendships, beautiful friendships here.

You already have the experience, that lots of us prefers Hungarian language to use in the shops, at the post office, on the police station, even on the bus. Life would be much more simplier for You if You could say out a few of Your thoughts in Hungarian or English or Chinese. How could You start?

If You read this page, probably You already made the decision that You make the first step on the road of learning a language. You are at the right place!

We help You to set up a stable base of language-knowledge, that You can use in Your daily life. On our lessons we learn daily-used-language. Once You have an acceptable pronounciation and You are able to learn 5 words a day, we will succeed. We provide small-group-education, where one can make friendships, can get a high-level-education and wants to come back again and again.

Hope to hear from You soon.