One of the most important needs of the students coming to our country will be to get the knowledge of the Hungarian language. You may speak English, French or German, but if you really want to relax and live like home for a year or two or ten or so, it may be practical to become familiar with basic expressions and habits.

Ediktum’s dedicated team is eager to teach and will teach not only the language they consider important, but also the typical Hungarian customs and gestures.

We offer:

  • Hungarian language development specifically tailored to the needs of the student group (workplace, school, age group)
  • induction training for people coming to work to Hungary
  • relaxation courses (music, art) to relax and relieve tensions caused by cultural shock

Those who have studied with us so far were very grateful.

“Before, I just said Szia to everyone. Ever since I know that it is good for the older ladies to say Csókolom, my elder lady-teachers love me much more. ”(Han, 29, Chinese)

“We don’t always say Hello to the ladies in advance. The Ediktum has taught me this. Since then, girls have been kinder and more accepting of me. ”(Wang, 25-year-old Chinese student)

“My little daughter hasn’t been smiling for three years. Ever since Uncle Miki has been teaching ukuleley, there is light in our lives again. ”(Eve’s, 10, mom)