Where to find news on Hungarian life?

Some links for Your kind use and interest. These pages can help You understand more about us, life, Hungary. Of course later, when Your Hungarian is much more fluent, you also will be able to check infos on Hungarian media. […]

Hungarian closer

Started to run Ediktum means a great challenge. From 2015 we wish to make people closer to Hungarian language and minds. We plan to set up Hungarian courses for expats here as we can make people learn Hungarian a bit […]


Our lawyer, will provide You a professional help around any legal questions You can have as a newcomer or foreigner or a future-arriver. May it be around schooling in the children or applying for new permits, our lawyer will answer […]

About the circulation documents

EIA/2009/ There are not so many people to know that from 1st of January 2000, it is possible to use the driving license with address card to prove one’s identity. The driving license cannot be use abroad as travelling document. […]

Office routine

EIA/2009/ In which case can you turn to the Office of Government Issued Documents? If you have the following intentions: – Renovation and completion of the identity card* – Driving permit, registration book, vehicle registration card – Renovation and […]