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Reach the age of 6 means a huge change in our children’s life: from Kindergarten they go to school. If You are familiar with Hungarian education system, You probably know or heard about the challenge of this change: while children in Kindergarten has no timetable and fixed activities they must take part in, in school they only have timetable. Very little freetime.

Time to get used to

After the summer holiday and the first lovely-funny-playful days, children will feel tired and stressed under the enormous pressure of adequacy, continuous attention and practice.


Yes, there is. Here we developed a half-day-a-week program, when they can join our class all the last year of Kindergarten. Our teacher, who has 20 years experience of teaching children 3 to 14, will conduct their class to a soft transition. Our education program lies on solid bases of knowledge and patience. Learning the Hungarian rhymes, nurseries,the meanings, improving Math skills. Meanwhile a lot of diy and movements.

At the end of the year they already know how not to jump up every minute, how to pay longer attention to teacher, how to practice without negative feelings.

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If You feel You might have interest to come and join us, You are welcome. Please kindly call us +36309706901 or drop mail, send Messenger to Ediktum Alapítvány.