There are not so many people to know that from 1st of January 2000, it is possible to use the driving license with address card to prove one’s identity. The driving license cannot be use abroad as travelling document.

For making the driving license you will need:
• Identity card or passport
• Address card (lakcímkártya)
• Certification of the exam from the Circulation Control Office
• Medical certification
• Process fee

International driving license

• Valid only with the Hungarian driving license
• Validity for maximum 3 years but during the period of the Hungarian license
• The license category “B” can be delivered if the driver is 18 years old

The valid driving license made in any of the European Union country can be used without naturalization. The foreigner who request the driving license the first time, must be living in Hungary for minimum 6 months and must have an address here!

The foreigner driving license must be naturalized with the following documents:

• Official traduction
• Certifications if it is needed
• Medical certification
• In any case, it is possible to ask for exam without course (with certification)
• Residence permit in Hungary